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Welcome Parents

It is important for children to plan out their thoughts before they begin writing. Parents can use these planning sheets to help children bring focus and organization to their writing. For complete writing lessons and visual aids, try our 30 day trial.
Name: 2 Paragraph Planning
: 2-3
Purpose: Organize ideas into a paragraph format.
1. Child arranges the topic into 2 main ideas.
2. Child chooses 3 supporting details. These can be pictures, words and/or phrases in the boxes.
Name: 5 Ws & H Planning
Grades: 1 & above
Purpose: Write with details
1. Child uses pictures, words and/or phrases to plan before writing.
*The plan does not have to be followed in order. It’s often easier for students to start with the “When?”
*For younger writers, the “Why?” and “How?” can be omitted.
Name: Story Element Strip Planning
Grades: 3 & above
Purpose: Organize the elements of a story(narrative).
1. Child uses pictures, words and/or phrases to plan a story.
*The “Events” box provides the order of a story and doesn’t need to be filled out.
Name: 5 Paragraph Planning
Grades: 3 & above
Purpose: Organize ideas into a multi-paragraph format.
1. Starting with “Square 1,” the child writes a topic sentence.
2. The child then continues to organize the main ideas using the remaining squares.
Name: Picture Plan & Write
Grades: K-2
Purpose: Focus young writers on a topic.
1. Make 6 Xs down the page.
2. Draw a horizontal line.
3. Child draws a quick sketch of the writing topic above the line.
Name: Beginning, Middle & End Planning
Grades: 1-5
Purpose: Write about a sequenced event.
1. Date paper on top right corner.
2. Count down 6 lines (students use X’s to help count down).
3. Draw line across below 6th X.
4. Split plan into 3 parts.
5. Label B, M, E at top.
6. Draw a quick sketch with pictures and/or words in each box.
7. Begin writing when done planning.
8. When done writing, go back and re-read.
9. Check plan to see if writing is organized and has a beginning , middle, and end.